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Infographic Assignment: Lack of Privacy on the Internet

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Do You Know Who’s Watching You? is our group’s first analysis theme. In this analysis, each member takes a part ,analyze and discover what we can we know about the Internet, how it’s related to this class, compare and contrast with second infographic. As I mentioned, our group’s theme is lack of privacy on the Internet, and for my part, I am going to analyze about lack of privacy in Google Buzz.

Leading internet search engine Google have many tools which helps people all over the world and make their life more efficient. For example, Google search, can type in any words and it will give you all the information that you typed. Google Map will give you information about certain location, or give specific direction from point A to point B. Google Mail will allows you to contact people with e-mail.

Google Buzz is one of many Google tools that offers social networking service. It enables users to link together with other social network services, such as Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Blogger, and etc. One of reasons why the Google launched its service was to compete mainly with Facebook. Some of the similar features that Google Buzz offers is the ability to post “like” similar to Facebook. The service was launched on February 9, 2010, and was discontinued on December 15, 2011, because of lack in privacy security.

The problem with Google Buzz, from the initial launch was that it sincerely lacked in user’s privacy. Its account’s default setting provided users with displaying users recent contacts, people who’ve chatted with, and recent e-email that have been sent. Which means that this will give away your vital information to the world or the third party. The information could be your affair, anti-government activism, gender issue, criminal activity, fraud, and many more. This issue has been resolved, but it was too late to win back user’s trust, and ultimately lasted less than 2 years.

To get back in point, “Do You Know Who’s Watching You?”, failure for provider’s part impacted many users because those users trusted in Google brand image. 80% of internet users use Google for search engine, and again that is because they trust in the brand. Once the trust has been lost in the digital world, there’s almost nothing to win back users, so that is why when creating account with social network service, people look for how security is strickted, or adjustable for the users. However, on the other hand, by participating in social network service, they’re risking their identity because SNS by definition, users want to let the world know that they’re doing something, want the world to be looked at.

All in all, “Do You Know Who’s Watching You” to answer this question, everyone is watching you. No matter who you block, or not allowing to show your account, there will always be way to look at your account. Your friend’s friend’s could be watching you, hackers, or who knows what. As for the Google Buzz, it’s a complete debacle and failure to win user’s trust will not succeed in any business. On user’s end, they have to check carefully whether the provider is trusted or not and they have to remind that participating in any SNS, they’re risking their identity.

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TDC Today’s Feet

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Today’s daily create is simple, “Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day you’re having.”

As you can see they’re my feet, and the red box object that my feet are facing toward is Japanese gas powered heater that instantly generates heat, which is quite amazing and warms up the room fairly quickly. It’s even quicker than airconditioning heater. The black socks that I’m am wearing is called the Heat Tech by UNIQLO, which keeps your feet nice and warm. Today was just laid back day, I had not much things going on, just went to near by convinient store Mini Stop, bought drinks and some chips. The outside was really ¬†cold, which is exactly why I wore socks. I came home, quickly turned on the heater and it felt great. Had a good time. Hope you enjoy the picture. Comments are welcome!

DS106 Assignment: Album Cover

February 2, 2012 1 comment

I’ve waited to do this assignment for a couple of days. It was because of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that prevent internet users from accessing to webpage such as Wikipedia, and DS106 Assignment banks. And this assignment just happens to require to use Wikipedia, now it’s up and going, so here we go.

This second DS106 assignment requires using three different webpages. Take each part of the webpage and put them together in a certain way, which would make an original album cover. For more details I posted the link on the bottom of this page.

NOTE: I altered a part of assignment direction where it asks us to upload a random photo from a flicker. Well there’s a problem. Most of the picture, if not all of the pictures are protected by the users, so I had to find a different way of uploading random photos. And I found one webpage that would work for this assignment.

So here is my direction for a way to choose a photo for an album cover.

1) Visit


2) There are 12 photos on webpage. Make top left photo as #1, top right photo as #4, bottom left as #9, bottom right as #12. These numbers are your birth month.

3) Your birth month will be your album cover photo. (ex, If your birth month is August, then the photo you will be using is middle row 4th photo.)(ex, If it’s December, then your photo would be bottom row 2nd photo.)

And one more thing: Some pbase pictures are protected by the users, so if you encounter that problem, click on “GIVE ME MORE” on top right corner on webpage, which will generate another set 12 photos. Keep doing that until you get a unrestricted photo or the ones you like.

Name of the band: John Bradford Fisher

John Bradford Fisher is an American plastic surgeon, who pioneered fat removal technique, as most of you know liposuction.

Album Title: All general statements are false

The quote is written by unknown author, to me he’s talking nonsense, but it also has deeper meaning that can mean anything to anyone.

The album cover is as you can see, knives. It’s a perfect album cover because name of band John Fisher is a plastic surgeon, which requires to use scalpel, and album cover is knives. Album title “All genereral statements are false” sounds threatening to me. It sounds like “all general statements are false therefore, I will cut you with knives.”

It was a pain assignment hard to get around with photos, but I’ve done it. It turned out good and that’s all that matters. Hope you enjoy!